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Breeder of the Year

Each calendar year (Jan - Dec) the Society honours the Burmese breeder whose cats/kittens win the most points at of the Year Awards. This award is presented at the Society's annual championship show in February.  The Rules of the Society in determining eligible members and their cats are here.

This award was first presented in 1999.

Congratulations to the winner for 2012

Frascott Cattery

Chris Smith and Andrew Fraser

Previous Winners

  • 2011 - Keeza Cattery
  • 2010 - Frascott Cattery
  • 2009 - Keeza Cattery
  • 2008 - Keeza Cattery
  • 2007 – Kandid Cattery
  • 2006 –
  • 2005 – Tsing Tu Cattery
  • 2004 – Tsing Tu Cattery
  • 2003 – Kandid Cattery
  • 2002 – Kandid Cattery
  • 2001 – Kandid Cattery
  • 2000 – Kandid Cattery
  • 1999 – Kandid Cattery

How does a breeder get points for these awards?

Points are awarded on the basis of the results of Burmese cats and kittens bred by the breeder in cat shows held during the calendar year in which challenges etc. are recognised by the NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc. The cats and kittens do not have to be owned by the breeder.

A point is awarded for each award the cat/kitten wins. The award that earn points are:

  • Challenge/Best in Section
  • Best of Breed
  • Best in Group


2012 - The Desexed trophy winner is Frascott Paintmecream

Cat of the Year progress

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