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This page lists members of the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia that are breeders and wish to advertise with the Society.  Not all our breeders choose to list here.

Some are small breeders, producing only one or two litters per year, some are larger breeders. They are listed in alphabetical order of prefix. 

It should be noted that:

  • At  any given time, a breeder in your locality may not have kittens for sale or may not have the colour of kitten you require, so be prepared to travel some distance to find the kitten of your dreams
  • The Society's website has kittens available pages which advise those members who have kittens for sale. Check our online classified section.
  • From time to time, some breeders have older Burmese cats looking for  good homes. You can check out our Facebook page or our online cat/kitten classified section for these older cats too.


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This list does not constitute an endorsement of any particular breeder by the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia Inc. Any use of this information is made with the knowledge that it is at your own risk. Please contact the breeder of your choice for any references or guarantees that they may offer, for none are provided with this list. The Society will in no way be held accountable for transactions involving members of the Society.

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