Activities of the Society

  • An annual championship specialist Burmese show which is held in the early months of the year, usually March. This show is open to all desexed and entire Burmese cats and kittens registered with an approved cat registering body. It is run under the rules and regulations of the NSW Cat Fancier's Association Inc.
  • The Society's newsletter, the Burmese Bulletin, is published quarterly and  serves to keep members fully informed about all Society activities. As well as show result updates, progress results for the Burmese “Members Cats/Kittens of the Year Awards”, etc, our Bulletin  also contains articles of topical interest about the breed and cat related matters.
  • General meetings are held on Tuesdays, at Hotel Pennant Hills, Railway Street, Pennant Hills, usually every three months, and all interested persons/prospective members are welcome.  Please contact the Secretary for details of the next meeting.  Agendas of  each general meeting and minutes of the previous meeting are sent to all members.
  • The Society honours the top Burmese Cats and Kittens of the Year - entire and desexed - owned by its members, through its Members Cat/Kitten of the Year Awards.
  • The Society maintains a Cats in Distress service for Burmese cats and kittens which have “lost their way”, and our Society's funds also assists with their rehabilitation and boarding until they are claimed or found a new home. Donations to our Society are always welcome. 

The Society's membership year is 1 April to 31 March.  Remember you must be a financial member to vote at the AGM.

 Current  officeholders: Mr Chris Buckley - President, Mrs Sue Thomas - Secretary, Ms Sue Wyman - Treasurer, Snr  Vice President -Melanie Martin  Jnr Vice President - Mrs Lyn Martin.



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