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About the Society

The Burmese Cat Society of Australasia was founded in New South Wales in 1967 to:

  • promote and improve the welfare and breeding of Burmese cats by lectures, workshops, discussions, shows and exhibitions; and
  • aid and support all activities for the benefit and welfare of all cats.

The Society was granted incorporation status in 1994. It is affiliated with NSW Cat Fanciers' Association Inc.

Our Club's administration and activities are based in NSW.

The Club holds an Annual Championship Show, a highlight  for the start of the show season. You can read all about this main event on our Show page.   We have an archive of past show results.

Each year we recognise our outstanding Burmese exhibits with our Burmese of the Year awards.  The Rules governing the Awards to Members Cats/Kittens of the year is on the Annual Awards - Members page

Perhaps you are looking for a Burmese kitten or an adult burmese cat, (usually a desexed queen or older cats who need rehoming).  Why not view our kitten Classified section or visit our Breeder listings.



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REHOMING OF BURMESE CATS  Anyone, member or not, can contact the Club, via Melanie Martin, Sue Thomas, Chris Smith or Sofia Cordell-Fuda,  (see contact details below) to arrange for a listing for any burmese cats in distress to be placed on our website.  

These cats in distress are burmese cats who for various reasons are requiring new homes from time to time.

Listings for them  can be found under "Kittens" - Available Kittens/Older Cats tab. 

In Other States:

We suggest you contact your own state's cat fancies first before contacting us, as they most probably have their own rehoming services, and it is always best to find homes locally for the cats requiring new homes, however we are happy to assist .

Depending on your location, here are a few contact details of clubs or associations in other states who may be able to help you.  You may also google cat fancies in your home state to find clubs to contact.

  • Victoria -The Feline Control Council of Victoria - email:  fccvic@hotkey.net.au
  • Queensland - There are at least three Cat Fanciers Associations which you could contact.

They are QFA - Ph 0433 951013 or email secretary@qfeline.com

 QICC Inc -  email vicepresident@qicc.org.au or phone 07 3282 7169

 Cats Queensland Inc Ph 0746 370058 or email secretary@cfccq.org

  • South Australia -The Burmese and Rex Cat Fancy of SA The Rex & Burmese Cat Fanciers of S A Inc.  -

          Secretary. Mrs D.M. Dolman - 22 Formby Crs. Harbourside Quay 5015 PH.0412 051766

          Foreign ShortHair Cat Club of SA Inc - Mrs P Worsley, ph 08 82651198 or vyatka@adam.com.au 

Burmese and   other breeds cat club inc - phone 0420 665 127

  •  Northern Territory - The Cat Association of NT - Secretary Julian ph 0447 373 659
  •  ACT     - Canberra Capital Cats - email denisewhite@bigpond.com


If you wish to place an ad,  please contact Sue Thomas, Melanie Martin, Chris Smith  or Sofia Cordell-Fuda to have them placed on the website. Contact details are: 

     Melanie   : 0411 311 311 (call or text)  email:  melanie@burmeseAustralia.com

     Sue         : 0412 808777 (call or text)    email:  sue_k_thomas@hotmail.com

     Chris       : 0455 409 837 (call or text)  email:  andrew.fraser7@bigpond.com

     Sofia       : 0411 225 757 (call or text)  email:   misaraburmese@gmail.com   


2017 - 18 Membership renewals have now been distributed or mailed.  Your fees fall due 31 March, 2017


At our 2016 AGM, held on Tuesday 17 May, 2016,  the following officers were elected:

President                                                          Marg Sim

Snr Vice President                                             Chris Buckley

Vice President                                                   Mrs Melanie Martin

Secretary & Public Officer                                  Sue Thomas

Treasurer                                                         Mr Chris Smith

Asst Treasurer                                                  Andrew Fraser

Publicity Officer                                                 Mrs Melanie Martin

Bulletin/Newsletter Editor                                  Mrs Bev Jones

Committee:                                                      V McDermott, G Bouwer, L Minard, I Dunn, D Cunningham


Members, if you wish to contribute to our Newsletter, please contact Mrs Bev Jones at bev.jones_09@yahoo.com

SHOW NEWS:  Our annual Show for 2017, which was held on March 19, 2017, at the Douglas Pickering Pavilion, St Ives Showground, turned out to be a very busy day, and the number of locals who visited on a wet and windy day are to be congratulated.

It was a very busy day with quite a lot of burmese on show, displaying all the colours for which Burmese are known .  Along with our other Groups 2,  3  and 4 exhibits, they were all enjoyed by the visitors and exhibitors alike. 

Thank you to all our helpers, your assistance was very much appreciated.


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